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What is the ‘Rack’?

In the casino, the 'rack' is the static tray used to hold chips at the table or the portable tray used by the chip runner when visiting the tables or restocking the dealer's supply. A 'rack' might also refer to a stack of 100 chips - i.e. the full rack. Players might use measures to describe their chip totals, for example, a 'half rack' would be 50 chips and a 'quarter rack' would be 25 chips.

‘Rack’ Explained

Casino chips are often arranged into stacks of set values, most typically 10 or 25 at a time. Players using a lot of chips at any one time need to keep them safe, so chip trays might be provided. The large chip holder used at the table by the dealer and also by the chip runners is known as the 'rack'. Each rack usually holds 100 chips. For this reason, an amount of 100 chips is often known colloquially as a 'rack' or a 'full rack'. Players might also refer to smaller amounts in terms of the fraction of the rack, for example betting a 'half rack' or a 'quarter rack'.It is the job of casino runners to keep the rack filled. During busy periods or after a series of big wins, dealers can run short on chips. The runner will be sent for and the rack filled back up, but the dealer might have to switch to large value chips in the meantime. Players might seek out tables where the rack has run low, presuming it to be a 'hot table' on which plenty of people have been winning. Tables with full racks might be seen as unlucky and therefore to be avoided. However, these might also be the most desirable to certain gamblers, who may feel the game is 'due' to pay out and have a hot streak.