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What is a ‘Quartet’?

A quartet is a type of bet which refers specifically to the sport of horse racing. If someone wishes to place a quartet bet, that person can choose from four different kinds of bet: a straight line bet, a boxed bet, a banker bet or a floating banker bet.

‘Quartet’ Explained

The general aim of a quartet bet is to choose four horses that will finish in the top four places in a race. It is a bet which gives the bettor various options.For example, if someone places a straight line bet, then that person will name which horse they feel will finish first, which horse they think will finish second, which horse they fancy to finish third and which they think will get fourth place. Simply put, there is only one way the gambler can win.A boxed bet is slightly different and offers the bettor more options and a higher chance of winning. Simply put, with a boxed bet, the four horses selected by the customer must all finish in the top four, but they can finish in any order.Then there is the floating banker bet. With this kind of bet, a bettor can choose a selection of horses that they feel could finish first, a selection that they feel could finish second, and so on. For this kind of bet to come in, one horse from the group selected for first place must finish in first position. This bet is very similar to the straight line bet, in that the horses cannot finish in any order within the top four. However, the bettor has more chances of winning because there are, for example, three horses that can finish first and three horses than can finish third and so on.Finally, with a floating banker, three horses can finish in the top four in any order, although the gambler must choose one horse that they feel will finish in first position.A quartet bet is often chosen by gamblers who are looking for more options and different odds.