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What is a ‘Quarter’?

In many forms of gambling, but especially in poker, a 'quarter' is US slang for $25, it can also refer to the amount of $250. A 'quarter' might also be used occasionally in British gambling, meaning an amount of £25 or sometimes £250. However, the American use, where it references a small coin value in the dollar, is much more common. It can also refer to a period of play in a four-game tournament or to durations of play in certain sports and to a 0.25 value goal added to a handicap in spread betting.

The ‘Quarter’ Explained

The most common use of 'quarter' in gambling is as a slang term for money. A quarter is specifically $25, or more rarely $250, and the term is used when placing bets or raising wagers at table games and in poker. Players may request to make a 'quarter bet', or refer to winning or losing a quarter during play. For the high rollers in high stakes games, a 'quarter' could refer to a quarter of a thousand, a hundred thousand or even of a million, depending on the terms of the game. 'Quarter' might also be used in Australian gambling slang to refer to the same amount in Australian dollars.'Quarters' are also partial points added to the score in sports games in order to facilitate handicap betting. Half points are more often used, as these can eliminate most forms of tie in sports, but sometimes a spread will be more specific and address the handicap in detail. A value of 0.25, or a quarter point, enhances the spread and raises the potential payout but also makes an over/under bet more difficult to call. 'Quarter bets' can also be made on certain games, such as in Keno groupings or as a roulette spread.