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Proportional Betting

What is 'Proportional Betting'?

Proportional betting is one of the most common bankrolling strategies used by casino players. It is based on the premise that a player only wagers up to a certain percentage of their overall pot in any one hand in order to ensure they buffer themselves against bad streaks and avoid losing all their money during them. Although there are no definitive ratios that proportional betting strategies must follow, 5% of one’s pot at any one time is common, with some professionals going even lower than 5%. This approach is often used to provide a controlled balance between the need for flexibility when betting and the need to ensure reasonable financial security.

'Proportional Betting' Explained

Although good luck, initiative, skill and game-based research will all play a large part in the amount of money a player takes home after a night at the casinos, bankroll management is a key factor that all strategies must incorporate. This is why proportional betting is so widely used by professionals, as well as well-practised amateurs. It is also important as it enables a skilled player to gradually increase their earnings over time, as opposed to experiencing wild swings that make future financial planning virtually impossible.If a proportional betting strategy is followed carefully and designed with a fair balance between flexibility and financial security in mind, it can greatly help a player limit their losses during losing streaks while allowing their luck and skill to defy the odds over time. Having such strategies in place also guards players against common temptations and emotions that could lead them astray during games. For instance, they help encourage players to keep a cool head whenever they get an urge to put highly risky amounts of money on the table. Equally, they also push players to place more on the table in order to reach their minimum percentage quota during periods when they’re feeling unconfident and overly-wary.