Promotion Code

What is a ‘Promotion Code’?

A promotion code is a series of numbers and/or digits issued by a distributor, which can be exchanged for rewards such as bonuses or discounts. In casino gaming online, promotion codes are extremely common for new players. Signing up and inputting one of these codes can earn big rewards for the player. Some casinos also give out bonus codes to regular players as loyalty rewards. They can enter the code online and get free games, playing funds and other rewards.

The ‘Promotion Code’ Explained

Promotion codes, more commonly known as ‘promo codes’, are digital vouchers which can be used online in much the same way as a printed coupon or voucher. They usually have some discount or other benefit to the user. Online casinos frequently give out promotion codes to attract new customers and to reward existing ones.

The most common promotion code in online casinos is the welcome bonus. Players who use a specific code when signing up as a member will qualify for a bonus amount, often a match of their first deposit or some multiple thereof. Promotion codes might also be sent to members through the post or by email. When entered on to the appropriate page of the member’s account, the code can be turned into free playing funds, access to enhanced game features or some other reward.

Promotion codes are a common replacement for the ‘comps‘ often given out in physical casinos. However, the aim is the same – to reward players and to thank them for their play and to encourage them to come back. These promotions might be worth less than the player actually spends and loses, but they add value to the user experience of the casino visitor. Promotion codes can therefore improve overall customer satisfaction – and encourage return visits with additional spending.