Progressive Blackjack

What is Progressive Blackjack?

‘Progressive blackjack’ is any form of casino blackjack game which includes a progressive jackpot for the players to win. As well as playing the standard game, players can choose to make a side bet, often a minimum value wager, on achieving a particular hand during play. The highest hand value for the prize is usually four red or black aces, which will award the full progressive jackpot. Other rare hands might pick up smaller prizes.

Progressive Blackjack Explained

In casino blackjack, the house edge is relatively low, so there is a chance to turn a small profit, but odds are low and play is slow and steady, so it can take a long time to get anywhere – even if using a strategy like card counting to pick up an advantage. Progressive jackpots have therefore become common in casinos and also in electronic blackjack games online. Players can choose to opt into the jackpot game by making a small side bet along with their regular hand. Depending on the cards they draw, they could win a small additional prize or even a huge jackpot amount. The progressive jackpot in blackjack is extremely hard to beat and it can build for a long time without dropping, so they can become very large prizes indeed.

‘Progressive blackjack’ also refers to a betting strategy used by some players. By altering the size of bets based on the last hand and the probability of the next hand, perhaps along with card counting, players can bet in a way that not only picks up a win, but also covers previous lost bets. Progressive blackjack betting is a slow and steady way to turn a small profit at the game, and it is often practised by players who want to spend the most time possible at the table – perhaps to pick up a decent amount of comps from the casino hosts.

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