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Progressive Betting

What is 'Progressive Betting'?

Progressive betting is a systematic form of betting which can be applied to almost any game. In progressive betting, the size of a bet is changed up or down systematically throughout a series of rounds using a predetermined formula. Players use progressive betting systems to increase their chances of winning, believing that these strategies give them an advantage over the house.

'Progressive Betting' explained

A player using progressive betting will adjust the size of their bet based on the result of their previous bet. Progressive betting falls into two categories – positive progression and negative progression. Positive progression involves the player increasing their stake once they have won their initial bet or decreasing their stake if the original bet was lost. Negative progression involves a player increasing their stake once they have lost their first bet and decreasing their stake if they win their original bet.Many gamblers believe that they can win big by using one of these two types of progressive betting, but there is little evidence to support progressive betting increasing the overall chance of a player winning.Progressive betting is most commonly seen in casino table games, such as roulette and blackjack – although players can apply these systems to almost any game available in a gambling establishment. Players who are new to progressive betting are able to purchase progression betting systems online or learn progression betting systems from experienced progressive bettors. Progressive betting is based on streaks, and players must win multiple bets in a row in order to make a profit from the system.An example of a progressive blackjack betting system is called the 'Martingale System'. This involves a player doubling their bet after every loss. The system works on the basis that a player has a basic strategy and card counting abilities, allowing them to continue increasing their stake to the point at which a winning hand is more likely than a losing hand.