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Press a Bet

What is ‘Press a Bet’?

If someone were to press a bet, this would simply mean they are betting a larger amount than normal, because they feel they have a better chance of winning. This confidence could be due to them having received inside information, or could simply be linked to a hunch they have about a particular factor.

‘Press a Bet’ Explained

There are many, many factors in play when it comes to gambling - a horse's weight, whether a team's crucial player has been injured, whether a gambler has a particular technique that they can use to improve their odds. Well, when a gambler manages to spot factors that are in their favour and will improve their chances of winning, these gamblers will press a bet, meaning that they will increase their normal betting amount.For example, a regular racegoer may be aware that a horse, who is normally very consistent and often wins, had an unlucky fall in its previous race. Because of this fall, the horse may not be as highly rated and may be carrying less weight because of the fact that it did not finish its last race. If a gambler has this information in hand, then they will be likely to press a bet on this horse. Simply put, the gambler will make a bigger bet than usual because they feel that they are getting very good value for money on the horse because, if it does not fall, it stands to go back to its winning ways.Gamblers are always looking for an edge or something to take advantage of so as they can improve their odds of winning. They can do this by monitoring the many factors that come into play when a sporting event takes place. A gambler will not hesitate to press a bet if they feel that the increased amount of money is worth it and that there is a high probability that their bet will come in.