Poker Network

What is a Poker Network?

A poker network is a chain of poker rooms which operate under the same brand and are controlled by the same company, or two or more poker brands which are aligned together in partnership. The phrase can apply to physical card rooms and casinos, but it more usually applies to online casino based poker rooms which are linked by a common owner or brand.

Poker Network Explained

If a poker player talks about playing through a ‘poker network’, they are referring to a chain of card rooms (usually virtual) which offer poker games to national or international players under one or more linked brands. Poker networks often operate on a franchise basis or are built up as larger gambling companies purchase smaller ones and adopt the brand as their own. The poker rooms in these networks might operate as independent brands under one umbrella company, or they might adopt the main brand’s name and appearance.

These poker networks might be linked card rooms in physical casinos, but the term usually applies to online poker rooms. Players use their computer and an internet connection to play poker games on the internet, or through downloaded software, against other players for real money. Often, these poker rooms are linked through a top level brand and the rooms form part of a wider poker network.

Some of the most famous poker networks include Equity, which hosts Full Flush Poker and Action Poker, and Microgaming which operates BetWay, TrioBet and Poker Time. Another well-known network is the UK’s iPoker group, owners of poker rooms run by William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet365 and Betfair. As well as operating poker rooms, many of the poker networks have TV channels or internet streaming services which they use to share games with the public. Many also lend their brand to certain events, through sponsoring tournaments and contests for example.

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