Poker Legislation

What is Poker Legislation

Poker legislation is the system of laws and regulations which surrounds the poker industry and ensure it operates fairly, safely and securely. Poker companies which operate both at online casinos and land-based casinos are bound by the relevant poker legislation for the nations within which they provide services. Gambling boards and commissions are usually responsible for setting up poker legislation, along with local and national governments.

Poker Legislation Explained

Poker legislation describes any form of law or regulation which was established to control the provision of casino games. This can include laws about player age, rules about safe and responsible play, and auditing financial performance to ensure games are fairly balanced and not set at an unfair advantage. Countries who allow gambling will often have their own laws surrounding the provision of poker games, and these laws tend to cover both internet-based and land-based poker services.

Poker legislation is designed to protect consumers who take part in poker games. From websites offering electronic poker to physical card rooms, poker operations are strictly controlled by law and all companies who provide poker must abide by the relevant rules for their region. Legislation covers everything from tax requirements to payout limits, and it also covers issues like responsible gaming and consumer safety. Casinos who do not operate within the law might lose their gaming licence.

Poker laws also protect the casino, giving the authorities power to act in cases of fraud, cheating and other illegal play. Attempts to defraud a casino are often seen as a criminal offence rather than a civil one, as most nations have strict laws surrounding fair gambling practices. These same laws prevent minors from being able to access games, and restrict gambling only to adults who are capable of making sound decisions. Often, poker legislation prohibits intoxicated players from accessing casino games.

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