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Point of Consumption Tax (POC)

What is 'Point of Consumption Tax (POC)'?

'Point of Consumption tax' or 'POC tax' is a levy imposed on online gambling establishments by the British Government. It was introduced as part of a 2014 amendment to the 2005 Gambling Act and has been in effect for over two years. The tax has a starting rate of 15% and concerns revenue earned in the UK by a casino based in another location.

'Point of Consumption Tax (POC)' Explained

Many of the UK's casino websites and bookmaker websites are run by British companies, but those companies are headquartered in another location. Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and Jersey are all common places for casino sites to establish themselves. This is because until recently, the law allowed casino and gambling businesses to pay their taxes to the nation they were located in, no matter where their online services were utilised. In order to pay low tax rates on revenue, lots of online casinos will use an overseas address to operate.Point of Consumption (POC) tax was introduced in 2014 through a government amendment to the existing Gambling Act. It is a 15% charge on casino and gambling revenue at the 'point of consumption' - that is, in the country where the games are being played. The 15% tax is applied as games are played. However, casinos located overseas will still be liable for taxes in their home nation as well - therefore, the tax has been extremely unpopular among many gambling businesses and it has led to price hikes and reduced expenditure on rewards and other comps from some establishments, which has a knock-on effect on players. However, the many supporters of POC tax say it encourages gambling establishments back to the UK and promotes fair and open play between casino operators and their customers.