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What is a ‘Ploppy’?

A ploppy is an inexperienced blackjack player who plays the game without knowledge of, or the application of a gameplay strategy. The term can be used in derision or in friendliness and is normally only heard around a blackjack table and not during any other casino game.

‘Ploppy’ Explained

Ploppies are notorious for their lack of knowledge. A ploppy can often be found at a blackjack table, simply playing for fun with no real understanding of the strategies involved in the game. These players have a higher chance of losing to the house.Blackjack is one of the world's most popular table card games and can be found at every casino and online casino in the world. The game was most probably developed in France from the 18th century, although its exact origins are unknown and likely to be much earlier, perhaps even as far back as Roman times. Sometimes referred to as vingt-et-un, 21 or even pontoon, players try to reach 21 without going higher than it and play against each other and the dealer.Blackjack is one of the most strategic games in the casino, with the exception perhaps of poker. Mainstream strategies of Blackjack include basic strategy, composition-dependent strategy and the controversial advantage play, which includes card counting and shuffle tracking.A true ploppy will have no knowledge of these strategies and may only know how the game is played in its most simplest form. Even if they do have knowledge of the strategies, they choose not to implement then and simply play for fun. A ploppy is often derided by experienced players although sometimes celebrated for improving the chances of everyone else at the table. Some experienced players may even pose as a ploppy in order to gain an advantage at the blackjack table.