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Players’ Club

What is a ‘Players' Club’?

A 'Players' Club' is a membership programme or loyalty scheme for casino players, it might be an online or offline feature of a casino website or a physical casino. Members of the Players' Club might join simply by signing up with the casino, or they might be invited to join when they reach a certain level of play. Players' Clubs are often the tier of membership before the VIP Club in a casino comps structure.

‘Players' Club’ Explained

Casino gaming is all about the experience and players are often treated extremely well by the house in order to encourage their return business. Regular players will be rewarded with complimentary items, or comps - often free drinks and snacks, or other small entertainment services. Online, comps are often loyalty points which can be exchanged for cash or for entry into sweepstakes. Players' Clubs are one way of rewarding players who spend their time and money at a particular establishment. Players who are members might qualify for special treats or for a better casino service in general.Often, joining the Players' Club is done by signing up for casino membership or by agreeing to take part in the tracked play scheme. Other Players' Clubs might be by invitation only, depending on each player's level of play and general spending. Players' Clubs might offer exclusive gifts for their members, or provide games with enhanced odds and other gameplay features. Online, Players' Club members are usually the first players allowed to try out new slot games and they are given access to member-only games with lowered odds and better chances. Players' Clubs usually differ from VIP Clubs and are the first tier of membership in programmes that stagger rewards based on players' gaming over time.