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Pit Manager

What is a ‘Pit Manager’?

The pit manager plays an important role in the smooth running of the casino while ensuring that customers can enjoy gambling in a safe, well-regulated and comfortable environment. Typically, he or she will be a highly visible presence on the casino floor, circulating around the room and monitoring tables to see that all games adhere to the proper rules. The pit manager will also keep an eye on customers to detect and deal with any inappropriate behaviour.

‘Pit Manager’ Explained

Also sometimes referred to as the gaming supervisor or pit boss, the pit manager’s main role is to oversee all operations on the casino floor during his or her shift. This will involve overseeing games at the various tables to make sure the dealers are following correct procedures and that all games are being played according to the rules. The pit manager will also monitor customer behaviour at all times, looking out for any wrongdoing or attempts to cheat. He or she will intervene if, for example, a customer becomes belligerent towards staff or another customer, or is drunk at the table and upsetting fellow gamblers. Another important function the pit manager has is to check on the cashiers to see that chips are converted correctly when customers cash in their winnings.The pit manager is responsible for helping customers to enjoy their time at the casino and should have good inter-personal and communication skills. The pit manager will be expected to answer questions and address any concerns customers may have. He may also arrange additional perks for certain customers, including free meals, complementary drink, or hotel accommodation. The role also involves supervising casino staff, including dealers, cashiers, security staff, servers, and any other casino floor employees. The pit manager will be closely involved in the hiring and training of new staff, creating work schedules, monitoring staff performance and other management duties.