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Pit Boss

What is a ‘Pit Boss’?

Pit boss is a term used to refer to a person who oversees a number of gambling tables on a casino floor. This person is in charge of numerous floormen; simply put, a floorman will stand relatively close to the dealer at a table so that they are on hand to deal with any issues, although they will call on the pit boss if a serious issue arises.

‘Pit Boss’ Explained

The pit boss is somewhat iconic in the gambling world. This person will take on a number of jobs and responsibilities, including authorising particularly large cash transactions with players and dealing with matters of extreme controversy that the floormen cannot handle on their own, e.g. if a player thinks they have not been paid for their winning bet. The pit boss is also responsible for sending financial figures from the tables to the head office of the casino.In addition to simply ensuring that things run smoothly on the casino floor, a pit boss will also constantly be on the lookout for anything suspicious, for example if anyone is winning particularly large sums of money. Card counting is a particularly controversial issue when it comes to games like blackjack and the pit boss will always be called upon if there is any suspicion that such an activity is taking place.Simply put, it is the job of a pit boss to monitor what is happening on as many as three or four tables at any one time. This person is the go-to senior staff member for the table floormen and the dealers themselves. The role of the pit boss allows the dealers to concentrate on their jobs, without having to worry about security concerns as well.