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What is ‘The Pit’?

The pit is the part of the casino that houses its most popular games - usually games of luck, rather than skill, such as roulette, blackjack and craps. The pit consists of rows of gaming tables and is operated by a hierarchy that starts with the pit manager and ends with the dealer. In between are the floormen and women who, increasingly through the use of a computer system, keep an eye on the tables and the players. Bigger venues tend to have a series of pits, each dedicated to one game.

‘The Pit’ Explained

The word pit is an appropriate name. It's where the house holds all their high-risk games and is invariably the part of the venue where the players make the most losses and the casino makes the most profit. Even players that go to the pit with an unbeatable system will see it fall short when confronted with the pit's playing conditions. In the pit, the house almost always wins.The few people that are successful in the pit are the ones who know how the pit works. Experienced card counters, for example, will make sure they can recognise the pit manager so they know when they can apply their strategy without being thrown out of the venue.Players that come to a casino to play a skilled game such as poker are advised to either avoid the pit or bet only small amounts when they are there. states that casinos hold events like poker tournaments because they want to lure the players into the pit where they will lose their winnings; or worse, lose the money they brought with them to play poker in the first place. There can be nothing more embarrassing to a poker player than having to drop out of a tournament because he has wasted all of his money on a few spins of a roulette table.