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Pay Table

What is the 'Pay Table'?

The 'pay table' for a casino game is the list of different outcomes, along with the ratio at which a winning bet will be returned. The table is often expressed as a list of bet names, along with the standard 1:1 or 4:1 ratio format, though others might use percentages or a multiplier value - for example, x2 or x3. Payout tables exist in all games with a variety of bet outcomes, including roulette, craps, poker and slot games.

'Pay Table' Explained

Every game will have some form of 'payout table' for casino players to view. This shows exactly how much a win on each kind of bet is worth. The payout is the amount received over the initial bet - a payout of 1:1 pays the exact amount of a bet, while a 4:1 payout gives the player four times their stake back. All payouts also return the original bet, unless otherwise stated in the game's rules. Therefore the player receives their bet plus the indicated payout. Slots differ in this sense, as the payout is only a multiplier of the line bet and therefore a winning bet might still be lost. Other games, such as blackjack, have a surrender option in which half the bet is lost. However, most wins on casino games return the wagered stake.The payout table lists exactly what that payout will be. It shows the rank of each outcome. Poker payout tables list the hands available (and in video poker, the ratio of the return) while slots payout tables show the symbols which can be matched along with the multiplier value of that win. A roulette or craps payout table shows the odds of each bet landing and the subsequent payoff for the player (with allowances made for a house edge, of course). Payout tables for many games have fixed values, though some games enhance or lower the odds on certain outcomes, which can cause variations in the overall table values.