What is a Payline?

In slots games, the payline is the line located across the reels on which the winning combinations of symbols can be landed. Modern slot games often have many different paylines, though the majority run from left to right across the playing screen. A winning series of symbols can also be referred to as a payline. Slots players can usually choose between playing a single line or a combination of different ones.

Payline Explained

Slot games are based around spinning reels, on which are many different symbols. When spun, the wheels fall into line and the symbols can be read. Matching symbols which land on paylines will pay out some multiplied value of the original stake, in accordance with the pay table. Multiple symbols across paylines lead to bigger prizes.

Betting on multiple paylines can produce many different wins at the same time. Wins which occur off the payline, i.e. anywhere on the play screen, are known as scatter wins. Some games will also have bonus features, which might include symbols that fall on and off the paylines, or which can be sparked by a series of consecutive wins. The more symbols on the lines, the higher the prize. A full payline with all symbols matched will land the highest level of prize from the game.

Old-style slot games usually have just the one payline, which falls across the middle of the screen. Modern video slots can have many different paylines in one game. In fact, some have up to 100 different lines on which a win can be made. Each payline is a separate wager, so a 1p bet on 20 lines will cost 20p. Many lines can pay off at once, including multiple payouts for the same set of symbols, depending on where they land.

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