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Patent Bet

The Patent Bet is a type of bet which includes placing seven bets across three selections. It is a popular way to place bets in many sports, but the accent is on horse racing.  It should comprise of one treble, three doubles, and three singles.The outcome of this bet depends mainly on the odds for every selection and the number of selections which you manage to win. You need to win only one selection to get a theoretical return. However, in many cases, that return would not be as high as your initial stake. Nevertheless, the Patent bet allows you to get a bit creative and get big returns if you are lucky.The main disadvantage of this bet is it that it only has seven bets which means that you need a higher stake in order to get a decent return. On the other hand, you can also try an Each Way Patent bet which would have the double amount of bets compared to ordinary Patent. Instead of making seven bets, you will place your money on a total of fourteen bets. This can be a lot more fun approach but execute it only if you are an experienced punter who is knowledgeable in a sport which is the subject of betting. If you don’t consider yourself skilled enough, a standard Patent bet would be a great choice!