Online Slots

What are Online Slots?

Any slot game available to play through a computer or mobile can be referred to as online slots, though strictly speaking an internet connection is also required. These slots are usually more complex versions of standard slot machine games, with additional features and bonus rounds. Many online casinos offer virtual slots as part of their range of games and there are also dedicated slot game casinos available online.

Online Slots Explained

Internet-based slots are one of the most popular forms of virtual gambling and there are thousands of different games for players to choose from. These online slots are much the same as traditional slot machines found in casinos and arcades, but they often feature more reels and additional game features to make play more exciting. Because they are not limited by the size of the machine, the slots can have many different reels, hundreds of different symbol combinations and 100 or more win lines to choose from.

Players usually have the option of adjusting their bet by a coin multiplier value and also of selecting how many lines to play per spin. The prizes paid out are adjusted according to the bet placed. This means that high stakes and casual players can enjoy the same games, at a level comfortable for them. Some online slots are free to play and available as part of a promotion. Most online slots will have a demo mode, in which players use a virtual balance and have a better chance of seeing the features and rewards. Demo play wins are not real and cannot be withdrawn.

Many of these slots have bonus rounds, which are often sets of free spins or a mini-game for the player. They might involve selecting symbols, or a round of play with sticky wilds or enhanced reels. Because digital software runs the games, play can be far more complex and engaging. The prizes for online slots are often some of the biggest available from an online casino, especially as many slots feature community jackpots or progressive jackpots as well as the reel prizes.

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