Online Poker

What is Online Poker?

Online poker is any form of poker game which is played online, through an internet connection. Online poker often resembles video poker, although more modern versions of the game are live and played against other players. Virtual poker tournaments are often held online, facilitated by video streaming technology. Video poker can also be played on home computers offline, just for fun, but only online play offers the chance to win real money.

Online Poker Explained

Video poker is a popular version of poker in which players go heads-up against a random number generator. Five cards are drawn, with the player usually offered the opportunity to hold or replace any of those cards. A second draw is made, and the result of that hand determines the win. Players are aiming to make a winning hand, such as a royal flush or a three-of-a-kind. If the hand wins, the game pays out. If the hand drawn does not match the wins in the payout schedule, the bet is lost.

Today, there are lots of versions of this game available to play online. Online poker is often played in the same way. Games such as Jacks or Better (where only a pair of jacks and above will win) are very common. These games might be offered as a standalone service or as part of the offerings from an online casino.

There are also online poker games that resemble those in real casinos and are played against other players. These live poker tables are facilitated through internet connections and often feature video camera streaming so players can see the faces of others and judge bluffs and plays accordingly. There are even international and national poker tournaments held in this manner, with players from different locations competing against each other via the online software.

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