Online Electronic Craps

What is Online Electronic Craps?

Online Electronic craps is a digital version of the popular dice game found in many casinos. It is played on a mobile device or a computer, usually through an online casino. It may be available at land-based casinos in the form of an electronic gaming terminal. Players bet on the outcome of dice rolls and must ‘roll’ or ‘shoot’ the dice themselves at the press of a button.

Online Electronic Craps Explained

Craps is a traditional casino table game, played with two dice. Players take turns to act as the ‘shooter’ and have control of the dice, and they make a series of dice rolls in an effort to hit (and avoid) particular numbers. Meanwhile, the shooter and the other players make bets on what numbers will be rolled, and in what order. Bets in craps differ from other games because they can remain active over several turns, rather than being won or lost after the dice have been rolled.

Electronic craps is essentially the same game, but it is played using gaming software rather than with a table and dice. The rules are normally exactly the same, with players simulating the dice roll with the click of a button and the game using a random number generator to come up with the total.

Some electronic craps games use real dice and the player pushes a button to release and roll them, with the machine reading the result. However, fully digital versions are much more common these days. In all cases, the house edge should be the same as the real casino version.

Some versions of electronic craps may, however, offer slightly different odds or rules. For example, some might offer a side bet on a particular number or series being rolled, while others might include a progressive jackpot payout on random wins. Making the game digital allows for these variations. Some online casinos now offer live craps games, where players log into a website and watch a live video stream of a real craps table. As the game plays out, players can make real-time cash bets on the outcome of the dice rolls. It is not yet widespread, however.

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