Online Blackjack

What is Online Blackjack?

Any form of blackjack which is played using a computer and an internet connection can be called online blackjack. The popular casino game is often available as a kind of video game in which players draw against a random number generator and stake real money for the chance of a payout. The game runs in much the same way as a physical casino table would operate. Some versions of online blackjack are played live and include multiple players at once.

Online Blackjack Explained

Online blackjack is a popular game at virtual casino websites. Blackjack is a game in which players take on the dealer in a heads-up contest, with each aiming to make 21 and not exceed it, while also beating the other’s score. Players can pick up additional cards to assist with building their hand, though any draw that reaches above 21 is an instant loss. The game has become popular online, where players are up against a simulated dealer rather than a real person, but the rules remain essentially the same. Some blackjack games are played in a similar way to video poker, with certain hands designated as ‘winners’ rather than being judged against a dealer’s score.

Some online blackjack games are just played against a random number generator, which draws cards for the player and the dealer based on prediction software and overall probabilities. Others are live tables, just like in the casino, but streamed online so that players can join in and make bets. There are many different versions of online blackjack available, including Rainbow Blackjack (where each player is assigned a colour and can make side bets on the hands of other players) or Progressive Jackpot Blackjack (where players seek a certain hand, such as four aces, in order to win a large side wager). There are also games such as ‘blackjack slots’ and ‘blackjack scratchcards’ which combine elements of the two games.

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