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One Roll Bets

What are 'One Roll Bets'?

In craps, one roll bets are any bets which stand for a single roll only, as opposed to 'working bets' which remain active while the shooter is going for their point. Many one roll bets are side bets, made at particular points during the game and relating to a single roll. One roll bets are also called 'field bets', and they are usually made on a single number prediction.

'One Roll Bets' Explained

In craps, players who are not the shooter - the person rolling the dice - are making bets on the outcome of the dice rolls. There are two playing periods and multiple rolls can be made in each. Many bets in craps, such as pass/don't pass and come/don't come bets relate to the whole round of play, and they are called 'working bets'. They can be lost outright under certain conditions, such as the shooter rolling a seven, and they might only last for a single roll. However, multiple come-out rolls might be made, and the bets made will stand across all of these rolls, so these wagers are not one roll bets.One roll bets are made during the 'point' phase of the game and involve betting on a single number appearing on the next roll. These field bets might be 'easy' - i.e. the number can be made through any combination of numbers - or they might be 'hard', which means that only a roll of doubles can achieve the total and the win. There are also some more complicated side bets which players can make and these stand for a single roll only. If a player asks for bets to 'stop working' or be 'called off', they are sometimes flipped and become single-roll bets instead of active bets.