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Odds Against

What is ‘Odds Against’?

Odds against is most simply explained as a ratio of negative outcomes in relation to positive outcomes. This can apply to a particular game situation in an on-site or online casino. Odds against is the opposite of 'odds on' - which is another way of expressing an outcome by ratios, but with positive outcomes to negative outcomes, rather than the other way round.In essence, when there is a greater possibility of something not happening than happening, it is a situation in which odds against could be applied.

‘Odds Against’ Explained

Odds against is a term which is often applied in the casino game of poker, and it represents a ratio which refers to a particular outcome in a particular situation during the game. As an example, if a player has eight possible cards left to secure a straight draw on the river which is open ended, then there are 44 cards remaining in the decks at that point in time, which means that 36 of them would not allow the player to finish with an open-ended straight draw.So taking these circumstances, the odds against would be given as 36:8. This can be reduced, in order to simplify the odds against, to 18:4, and then to 9:2, and finally to 4.5:1. Simply put, this example of odds against means that the chance of failure is four and a half times greater than the chance of success. This should not be confused with a one in four and a half chance of success.Poker players do not always base their tactics on the card odds they are presented with. There are also the pot odds to consider, and if these are high it might coax them into gambling on an outcome even when faced with odds against.