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Non Progressive Jackpot

What is a 'Non Progressive Jackpot'?

A 'non-progressive jackpot' is any jackpot that does not build over time, but is fixed at a particular amount. The phrase is often used to differentiate between types of prize in slot games. Progressive jackpots are more common today as digital technology and internet connections allow lots of players to join the same game and contribute to the table. Older slot machines and more basic game styles tend to include a non-progressive jackpot.

'Non Progressive Jackpot' Explained

Progressive jackpots are common in slot games, and they sometimes appear in other forms of gambling as well. They are large prize pots which build up over time, made up of contributions by players. Sometimes the progressive jackpot is a paid-for side bet, while in slots games it often forms part of the spin being made. These prizes are triggered by a certain event - often the result of a mini-game, or through finding a particular card or dice combination.A 'non-progressive jackpot' is any large prize offered by a game which is not built over time in the manner described above, but which is a fixed amount. Lottery prizes are a form of non-progressive jackpot. At the time of ticket sales closing, the prize fund is fixed at the amount accumulated in the pot, so when the game plays out, the amount to be won has already been determined.In slots games, non-progressive jackpots used to be extremely common - especially when machines were manual, designed for a single player at a time and payouts had to be based on fixed odds. Now that many slot games are digital, it is easier to combine the wagers of thousands of players into a single progressive jackpot. Often, a slot game will have two jackpots - the progressive one, and a fixed top prize made by matching certain symbols.