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Non-negotiable Chips

What are ‘Non-negotiable Chips’?

Sometimes referred to as 'promotional chips' or 'non-neg chips', these chips differ from regular playing ones as they cannot be redeemed for cash or other prizes alone. They can be played in games like any other, but as a single piece, they are no good and hold no worth outside of a game. They will also only be usable in singular establishments.

‘Non-negotiable Chips’ Explained

At the heart of the idea, non-negotiable chips are a promotional tool used to reward consistent players or to keep potentially unhappy ones from leaving a casino or online room. As the name suggests, the value of the chip is non-negotiable. The differently designed disc is only worth a hand or so in a game and nothing more.The psychology behind the chips is a classic incentive tactic to keep people seated or at least loyal to the house for a period of time. Whether it's a reward for playing a long game or a chance for a disheartened player to win their money back - the act of giving a non-neg chip shows that the house is generous and friendly. Down on their luck players who receive a non-neg chip or two are unlikely to let it go to waste, as it has the potential to lead to a financial win and offers no losses.The house hopes that such a player will either win and spend their money on more regular chips, or if they come close to a win, they'll perhaps feel the thrill once more and dig deeper into their pockets.Should a game played with the non-neg chip result in a tie, the player may sometimes be allowed to keep it and use it again. There are often no limits to the use of non-neg chips, but they will of course be confined to games that use chips during play, for example, blackjack.