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What is ‘Neocheating’?

'Neocheating' is a general term which applies to cheating techniques used by gamblers that are very hard to spot, and which manage to avoid detection by the casino. Neocheating can be extremely simple or very high technology. A 'neocheater' is somebody who uses these techniques to win. Neocheating, like all forms of cheating with intent to defraud, is banned by casinos and prohibited by law as well.

‘Neocheating’ Explained

For as long as there has been gambling, there have been people who will cheat at the game and make a dishonest win in the process. Cheating techniques have been the scourge of casinos and card rooms for hundreds of years, and, as a result, there is a whole security industry and legal system designed specifically to protect gambling establishments and their players.'Neocheating' is the term given to modern cheating techniques, which are far more sophisticated and harder to spot than older styles of cheating like holdout devices and mirror placements. These methods for cheating might include something as simple as UV marking the cards so the tampering cannot be spotted, or forms of partnership card counting. There are also some very high-tech ways of cheating which have been seen in casinos around the world, including hidden cameras and microphone systems.Because neocheating is very difficult to detect, there are hundreds of ways players can get away with altering their luck and influencing the game. Online, there are many resources and manuals which teach neocheating methods. It is the job of the casino and its staff to keep ahead of new trends in cheating, and to stay vigilant against unfair play. In most countries around the world, cheating in the casino is a kind of fraud. This is a criminal offence, usually punishable by large fines and potentially a long prison sentence.