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Natural Royal

What is a ‘Natural Royal’?

In poker, a 'natural royal' is a royal flush hand made without the use of wildcards. Wildcard play makes the chance of a royal flush hand appearing more likely, so a natural flush is a rarer hand to pick up. The natural royal is the highest ranking hand in a game of poker, and in wildcard play, a natural royal will usually beat a wildcard royal.

‘Natural Royal’ Explained

A natural royal is any royal flush which does not have any wildcards and instead was made 'naturally' from the cards falling into the player's hand. The royal flush in poker is a consecutive hand consisting of 10-J-Q-K-A with all cards coming from the same suit. This is the hardest poker hand to achieve, and, therefore, it usually ranks highest among all possible combinations. The only exception is in some wildcard variations of five card draw, where the rare five of a kind hand might outrank all the rest.Wildcards in poker are those which can replace any other denomination and sometimes any suit as well. Cards with the value two (or 'deuces') are sometimes assigned wildcard status, while in other games the Jokers from the pack are used as wildcards. The card can be used to fill a hand and take the win. A royal flush made with wildcards will, therefore, be slightly easier to pick up. Players can make a win based on having four of the five flush cards, plus their wildcard.This is a great hand, but it will take second place to a natural royal. The natural royal hand is a royal flush made of all five cards needed - the 10 through to the Ace - and with all suits matching. Any natural royal is superior to a wildcard royal.