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What is a ‘Multiplier’?

The term "multiplier" in gambling may apply to variations of betting, where multiple bets accumulate a bigger prize pot, similar to placing "side bets". In terms of slot machines, this may be based on the amount of coins played in a row, increasing the size of the potential winnings. Sometimes known as "multiplier slots", particularly in the USA, a multiple figure will be shown on screen after each coin or token is inserted (such as 2x, 3x, 4x and so on). The implication is that the player's odds of winning increase with each additional stake they bet before playing the game.

‘Multiplier’ Explained

Another common type of multiplier usually seen on slot machines involves the scatter symbols. The combination of symbols accrued across different rounds may lead to an increase in the prize pot, again indicated by a multiplier number (2x and so on). If there are no or only two matching symbols, any accrued multiplier may be discarded, sending the player back to the original amount they could win.A less usual variant involves a bonus incentive offered in multiples for betting the maximum amount of coins in each round - which also often increases the maximum jackpot amount. Some casinos and bookmakers offer multiplier bonus slots, where a bonus round or "free spin round" is offered after a certain number of plays, where the potential winnings are increased by one or more multiples. These kinds of bonus rounds and multiplier bonuses for placing more bets are used to incentivise and entice players to continue playing slots for longer.In economics (and often applied to the economics of gambling), a multiplier effect is where changes in the supply of money are amplified by the knock-on effects of wider economic activity, creating a trickle-down or domino effect. The gambling industry increases aggregate demand for other goods and services, benefiting the economy directly, which could be magnified when considering the multiplier effect.