Multiple Paylines

What are ‘Multiple Paylines’?

Multiple paylines are the new breed of slot machine that can be found in casinos or on online casino platforms. There are many variations of these machines each with differing jackpots and features.

‘Multiple Paylines’ Explained

In the old days, fruit machines or slot machines would only have one payline. That would be located horizontally across the middle row, but that is no longer the case. More and more in the present day, we are seeing different variants of slot machines which have paylines in multiple places, not just across the centre. One of the reasons why more paylines are appearing is because the modern machines generally have five reels on them which allows for winning lines at a larger number of angles. The horizontal lines are obvious ones but then many machines pay out on the diagonal lines and some even pay on zig-zag lines which can lead to big wins if you hit the right lines at the correct time.

Of course, the downside to these machines is that you need to stake more to cover the potential winning lines and that can lead to much larger losses, especially if you hit a machine and have a dry run. Depending on the machine you sit at or select, there can be as few as five winning lines and as many as 25 lines which can pay out. That means the chances of winning are much higher than on a normal three-reel machine with just the one payline.

These days, pretty much all casinos feature these new style machines and there are plenty of them around. Online there is also a huge number of different multiple payline machines each with a different theme or defining feature and with jackpots which can differ depending on their popularity.