Multi-Player Casino

What is a Multi-Player Casino?

The term multi-player casino describes casino establishments and casino games, usually online, which are open for multiple players to join in at once. Examples include electronic slot games, online bingo, live stream poker tables and community games with progressive jackpots. Multi-player casinos differ from single-player software, which includes games the player takes on alone, facilitated by a random number generator and the game’s interface.

Multi-Player Casino Explained

Many casino games available to play on the computer now have multi-player functionality. Previously, casino games could be played heads-up against the computer’s random number generator and players could win money, such as in video poker games or online versions of rapid roulette. However, these were quite lonely experiences, whereas part of the appeal of the casino culture is the experience of socialising and competing with others. As a result, multi-player gambling online has developed and is now the most common format for all online paid games. Just about every online casino establishment offers at least a few multi-player games.

A multi-player casino has games which many different players can enter at once. A common example is online bingo where players buy tickets and compete against each other to match off all their numbers first. Other games that have multi-player options include virtual poker tournaments, which are played live against other players and are often filmed and streamed so all players can see each other during the game. Even individual games like slots can be a multi-player casino game through the inclusion of a progressive community jackpot or through bonus rounds that everyone can enter at once. Some casino sites offer free mini games for players or host casino games in the chat section, and these are played by everyone in the room. Others might split players into teams and offer promotions based on the wagering and winning of one side or the other.

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