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What is ‘Multi-Denominational’?

A multi-denominational game is a slots game that enables the player to vary the value of each stake they place. Whereas traditional slots games have fixed stakes, requiring the player to search for a game that fits with their betting bank, multi-denominational games allow players to adjust their stakes while they play. Multi-denominational slots games are popular with players and many modern games incorporate this technology.

‘Multi-Denominational’ Explained

In a multi-denominational game, the player decides how much credit or cash to use, as well as the size of each stake. The game then calculates exactly how many credits the player will receive at their stated staking level.For instance, if a player finds a multi-denominational game that suits their playing style, they might initially choose to wager $12 (£10) but set the stake for each bet at a lower level such as $0.25 (£0.20). The machine will carry out the calculation and display the appropriate level of credits, which in this case would be 50.The range of available denominations varies according to each game, but the lowest is generally around $0.13 (£0.10) while the highest can be up to $6.30 (£5). This range of possible stakes opens the possibility of a wide variation in winnings.The advantage of a multi-denominational game is in being able to adjust your stakes to suit your betting bank, once you find a game you are comfortable with. This is not the case with the older, fixed denomination games.Modern players who expect a range of features from their games, and newer players, who are concerned with keeping control of their staking level, are particularly suited to multi-denominational slots games, which have become standard in most online and many real world casinos.