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Money Plays

What are 'Money Plays'?

In games that use chips to place wagers, such as poker or roulette, money plays are any bets made with cash instead of chips. Some tables allow money plays during a regular play session, while others only let players use cash when the chips have run low and the table needs refilling. Money plays can also refer to the rule in the game that allows cash bets, and could be used to describe any casino game: for example, money plays poker or money plays roulette.

'Money Plays' Explained

In the casino, chips are usually used instead of currency. Chips are easier to handle for the croupier or dealer and their values can be more easily identified. They are also of uniform size and therefore can be processed quickly by sorting machines. Chips add security to play transactions - they have no value outside of the casino, so they can only be exchanged at that venue. This prevents cheating and theft, so that games remain fair and neither player nor casino lose out.Money plays are any bets which use currency instead of chips, or a rule in a game which says that money can be used in place of chips during the game. Some low limit tables will allow money plays at the minimum level, while others will be happy to let any player make a cash bet of any size. Money plays are common whenever the chips at a table run low. While waiting for the tray to be restocked, a dealer or croupier might allow cash bets, so that play can continue during the wait. Some poker games will allow money plays so that a player can raise their bet, without having to stop play or leave the table to get more chips for the turn.