Mobile Casinos

What are ‘Mobile Casinos’?

A mobile casino is classed as an online casino operator’s product engineered for consumption on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With over 70% of online users playing on mobile devices instead of desktop, mobile is seen as the now-standard industry platform. Operators who have been slow off the mark in adapting to cater for mobile players have experienced widespread decline in profitability. Nowadays every online casino brand will facilitate casino gaming on mobile devices either through a mobile compatible website or a native app.

‘Mobile Casinos’ Explained

Mobile casinos come in a few forms. First of all, mobile apps are used to facilitate casino play on mobile devices.

Mobile Casino Apps

Mobile casino apps are downloaded to a user’s mobile phone or tablet and the user can register, deposit money and play games from the downloaded casino app. Mobile casino apps tend to be either fully native, hybrid or wrapped HTML5.

Fully Native Mobile Casinos

Fully native means all the UI and games content has been downloaded on and exists on the user’s device. The app communicates with the operator’s and game developer’s servers in order to facilitate basic user functions and gameplay such as spinning reels on a slot machine.

Hybrid Mobile Casinos

Hybrid means there are both pre-downloaded and transactional elements forming the player’s experience. The UI may be loaded directly from the downloaded app, but other elements such as game grids and other content will be requested and received through an internet connection. Elements requested via the internet tend to be those which update more frequently than others such as games grids or promotional offers.

‘Wrapped’ HTML5 Casinos

Wrapped HTML5 is used to display a website within an app. Often this gives the appearance of a fully native app although everything the user sees is actually being delivered to their mobile device over the internet.

Mobile Casino Websites

Outside of apps, casinos also deliver gaming experiences through purely online play. Operators will run either fully responsive website user interfaces or detect and redirect mobile users to a separate website geared towards their device. The disadvantage of the latter is that Google now presents mobile-first search results so redirected mobile offerings tend to suffer in recent algorithm updates.

HTML5 mobile web casinos tend to lack the aesthetics and animated components of their native counterparts. This said, they often offer great experiences to mobile players through fast interfaces and regularly updated content.