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Missed Blind

What is a ‘Missed Blind’?

A Missed Blind occurs when a player is absent from the table at the point they are due to post a blind. If they wish to rejoin the game soon after, they must resolve any financial advantage they may have been given, by posting a "Super Blind".

‘Missed Blind’ Explained

Blinds are a feature of cash and tournament poker games, where usually two players to the left of the dealer are forced to bet before play starts. In most cases, there is a small Blind forced bet and a big Blind forced bet, with the small Blind typically being fifty percent of the big Blind. As the dealer position moves round, so do the blinds. Poker has many variations, however the Small Blind/Big Blind structure is the most common.In cash games, cards are not dealt to players who are not at the table and so this gives rise to the opportunity of missed Blinds. To prevent the absent player gaining an unfair advantage when they return to the table and wish to play, the returning player must post a "Super Blind" (both a big & small Blind bet) to rejoin the game. Only the big Blind portion of this bet is considered "live". If the player has only missed a small Blind, then that player has only to post a small Blind bet which is then considered "dead". In most games, players are exempt from this "Super Blind" bet if they wait until a full round passes and they are due to post again.This procedure is in place to prevent players gaining an advantage by simply leaving the table when being forced to post a Blind and rejoining after the dealer button has passed.In tournament poker games, Blinds are always forced, whether the player is at the table or not and so they cannot miss their Blinds while still in the tournament.
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