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Minimum Wagering Requirement

What is a 'Minimum Wagering Requirement'?

Minimum Wagering Requirement, or 'the minimum', is a term often heard in the gambling world. Simply put, it refers to the minimum amount that a player must gamble and is set by the casino in which the gambler is playing or from the bookmaker which is offering the bet. Many smaller gambling establishments will have a higher Minimum Wagering Requirement.

'Minimum Wagering Requirement' Explained

Casinos and bookies offer gamblers many different types of games to play and events to bet on. All of these bookies and casinos will have a Minimum Wagering Requirement and this amount will vary according to the casino/bookmaker's policies, as well as the game being played and/or the event being bet on. For instance, when it comes to live horse racing meetings, bookies on the course will only take bets that are over £5, i.e. they have a Minimum Wagering Requirement of £5. In contrast, a high street bookmaker will take bets as low as £0.50 and this is the Minimum Wagering Requirement for many of the biggest bookies in the world. This situation is simply down to the size of the organisations. Smaller bookies have less business but provide the same service and so it stands to reason that they have a higher Minimum Wagering Requirement.A perfect example in this regard is the game of blackjack. Walk into any casino in the world and you will see various blackjack tables, each with a sign indicating the minimum bet for that table. Generally speaking, the 'minimum minimum' for blackjack in most casinos is £2. However, more high-end casinos might start at a minimum of £5 because they are aiming their service at those with more money and so they do not want to give these people the chance to wager less money. Gamblers will also be able to find £10, £25 and even £50 minimum tables at most casinos. Find here our selection of the best no wagering casinos.