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Match Play

What is 'Match Play'?

The term match play refers to promotions organised by casinos which are designed to encourage players to gamble and entice them to return to the casino again. Match play promotion will often be in the form of coupons, which players can take to tables in the casino and use for a certain number of bets.

'Match Play' Explained

On a casino floor gamblers will find a number of games which offer bets at even money odds. Examples include the red/black bet on a roulette table and a standard bet in blackjack. These games are often the subject of match play promotional campaigns from casinos.A match play coupon is a ticket that gives a player better odds for particular games played within the casino. For example, someone wishing to play blackjack may be given a match play coupon. While the normal odds at a blackjack table are 1-1, or evens, with this coupon the person can sit down at the blackjack table and enjoy odds of 2-1 or even 3-1. The coupon will only be valid for a certain number of bets, after which time the player's bets will be paid once more at the previous odds of 1-1.Casinos avoid offering match play coupons for games which have higher odds. Simply put, players often win hands at blackjack, and so if they are given better odds, it is likely that they will profit from these odds. However, in the long-run, the casino has a slight edge in games like blackjack, so it is beneficial for the casino if players remain at the table.In essence, match play is used by casinos to offer gamblers better odds on certain games for a specific period of time, and it is an extremely effective method.