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Match Bonus

What is the ‘Match Bonus’?

In casino gaming, a match bonus is a reward paid by the casino on depositing or wagering, usually equal to the value of that deposit or wager. Match bonuses are common in online casino play and also in sports betting online. Match bonuses are most commonly awarded as a welcome bonus to a new player, although match bonuses could be awarded at any time through a promotion or other special offer.

‘Match Bonus’ Explained

There is a lot of competition in the world of online casino and betting play, so websites offering games need to stand out from the rest. The match bonus is one way of drawing in new players and retaining current ones. The gaming outlet promises to match the player's first deposit and/or any subsequent deposits with free playing funds or with free spins on slot games. When the player puts money into their account and meets certain wagering requirements, their bonus becomes available. Match bonuses are often only available as playing funds and cannot be withdrawn until a certain amount of the money has been played on the site's games.Match bonuses are often used to welcome a new player. They might be an exact match, which is where the name comes from, or some multiple thereof. For example, a player might deposit £10 and the site might 'match' the deposit by 300% - giving the player an overall £40 of playing funds. Some match bonuses form part of wider promotions, while others are still available every time the player makes a deposit.In sports betting, players often take advantage of match bonuses and free bets by playing them off against each other and guaranteeing themselves a win. Over time, they can build up this system and potentially gain a steady gambling income through the use of match bonuses: a practice often known as match betting.