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Master Report

What is a ‘Master Report’?

A master report is a spreadsheet usually kept at a card table with details of every bet placed, including wins, fills and drops. There would be an entry on this sheet for each individual game. By law, every table in a casino must have a master report, though this is not always visible to the customer.

‘Master Report’ Explained

Every licensed casino is obliged to keep detailed records on every transaction. At each card table, the dealer will usually hold a confidential document called the master report. This may be a piece of paper or more commonly an online database containing details of every transaction that occurs at the table. Typically, this information would include all bets, bids, wins, fills and drops.Sometimes known as a ‘Rip Sheet’ or ‘Summary Sheet’, the report is essential in providing statistics and financial information to the casino management. Master reports have been used in casinos for many years, though the level of information now recorded is more sophisticated.In the larger casinos, you may not notice any reporting happen at the table. This is because the table will be monitored with increasingly sophisticated surveillance cameras, and the master report will be completed in a remote surveillance suite, or the whole transaction may be recorded electronically. There is currently no regulation to state that the master sheet must be kept at the table.The information recorded on the master report is essential in informing the revenue service of takings and losses, but it can also be used to provide the management with important information such as how well the table and dealer are performing, what the return is and what the average wins are. These statistics will help the management to decide things like the minimum (and maximum) bet per table, table limits and what the odds will be.