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Manual Flush

What is a ‘Manual Flush’?

The term Manual Flush relates to online gambling websites and specifically the process of removing one's money from such a site. The Manual Flush is normally performed by a member of the gambling site's staff during what is known as a 'pending period'.

‘Manual Flush’ Explained

Gambling sites are becoming increasingly popular by the day, and for many people, removing winnings from their account is a very happy experience. It is during this process that the Manual Flush comes into play. Once the player has requested a payout and withdrawn their funds, their request will enter a 'pending period', during which time the site verifies the details of the person removing money from the site. Removing money from a gambling site is not always fast and efficient. Some casinos will even offer customers a 'reversal period'; simply put, the customer will be able to change their mind and cancel their withdrawal request, with the money going back on to their balance so that they can bet with it.A Manual Flush essentially means that a gambler on a site will be able to push their request through the verification process faster and so the withdrawal request will be processed by the site almost immediately and will be in the person's account sooner rather than later. This has the added bonus of removing any temptation the gambler may have to put the money back into their account and continue to play.The Manual Flush is normally done by staff from the website in question. Gamblers will often use the live chat facility (which most sites now offer) and ask whether it is possible for them to perform a Manual Flush. If this is possible (i.e. if the person has been with the site for a long time), then the funds will be processed immediately.