What is ‘Macau’?

Macau is a region of China that is particularly well known for its popularity among visitors to the country who wish to gamble. Macau is the only area of China in which casinos are legal, and the region is challenging Las Vegas in terms of being the world’s largest gambling market.

‘Macau’ Explained

Formerly a Portuguese colony, the area of Macau in China became a special administrative region in 1999 and is now one of the most popular and sought-after destinations for gamblers and casino-goers across the globe.

Home to The Venetian Macau, which is the biggest casino in the world, Macau exceeded the city of Las Vegas as the world’s largest gambling market in 2007. Also sometimes known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient”, Macau has legally permitted gambling since the mid-1800s. Gambling makes up around half of ‘Macau’s economy. In fact, Macau is the only region in China where physical casinos are legally permitted.

In the region of Macau, gambling activities can be split into four smaller subcategories. These are sports betting, greyhound racing, casino games, and lotteries. Online gaming is not yet licensed in/by these parts. Under the casino games umbrella comes blackjack, roulette, slot machines, baccarat, and many others, all of which are available in the Macau gambling district. As the world’s largest casino, The Venetian Macau is home to around 3,400 slot machines and many hundreds of gaming tables.

The Macau area houses a total of 33 casinos and they all share a common rule set. Of these, 21 are open 24 hours per day. Nobody under the age of 21 years old is allowed to enter the casinos or gamble. Furthermore, if an individual either realises that their gambling is getting out of hand and costing them enormous mounts of money, or causing trouble to other gamblers or casino management, they can submit a request to be banned from the relevant casino.