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Lucky 63 Bet

Lucky 63 is a popular bet for horse races and other sports, and it includes placing 63 bets on six selections. If you choose to go with this type of bet, you should create the following selection: one six-fold accu, six five-fold accus, 15 four-fold accus, 20 trebles, 15 doubles, and six singles.The amount of money you are likely to win from this bet type mostly depends on the number of selections which you earn and their prices. Since it contains single bets, you need to have only one win in the six selections to return some of the money you invested in this bet. However, the likelihood is on your side, and this is the main reason why people love Lucky 63. Naturally, the price of each selection will also play an important role, and unless it is very high, you usually need at least two or three selections won.The most significant benefit of this bet type is that the chances of a return on multiple bets are increased a lot. If you are confident enough to believe that most of your selections will win, you are likely to have a very positive return on your wager. This bet is considered a higher stake = higher reward type of bet.Players who really feel lucky and sure about this bet type should also try the Each Way Lucky 63 which adds additional 63 bets and makes a total of 126 bets.