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Lucky 31 Bet

Lucky 31 is a type of bet for the punters who like to bet on sports and horse racing, although it is available for other games as well. If you are an avid punter and confident enough, you will place 31 bets in five selections. These bets must have one five-gold accu, five four-fold accus, ten trebles, ten doubles, and five single bets.The amount that you are going to win from Lucky 31 mostly depends on two things – the odds which your selections consist of and the number of selection which you win. This bet contains single bets which means that you only need one win from the five selections to return on the bet.The best thing about Lucky 31 bet is that you get more chance to get a return on multiple bets. If you are brave and confident enough, then try playing this bet which will increase the opportunity to win a positive return on your stake. The higher the stake for this bet is, the higher the reward will be.The only disadvantage for this bet is the number of stakes. In other words, if you are to place 31 bet, you need to plan your investments as the costs for this bet type can be pretty high. Therefore, make sure to sift through the possible bets before you proceed to execute Lucky 31.