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Lucky 15 Bet

Lucky 15 bet includes placing 15 bets across five selections. It is a popular bet for people who like to try their luck with horse races, but some other sports can be included in it. It’s pretty easy to execute the bet. All you have to do is include a fourfold accu, four trebles, six doubles, and four singles. That will significantly improve the probability of getting a return on your bet.The amount which you can win from this bet mainly depends on the odds of every bet and the number of selections which you manage to win. Lucky 15 is a bet type that has single bets, and you can win only one out of four selections to get a return on the bet.Players who are confident that most of their selections will win have an opportunity to increase the chances of getting a positive return on their stake with a Lucky 15 bet. The same rule applies to all Lucky bets – the higher your stake is, the better the reward you will get.On the other hand, Lucky 15 also bears certain risks. Its fifteen bets at the same time, and that means that you would have to plan your budget before you take the bold step of executing Lucky 15. Therefore, before you actually start placing bets consider your possible return and study the games/races that you plan to bet on.