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Low Roller

What is a ‘Low Roller’?

A Low Roller is a person who regularly goes to casinos or gambles using relatively low sums of money. What constitutes “low” is often determined by comparison to a high roller, a person who tends to regularly gamble in large amounts every time they hit the table.

‘Low Roller’ Explained

A common misconception is the idea that your status as a low or high roller determines how professional you are as a player. This is not, in fact, the case, as a person can be just as skilled and experienced if they regularly gamble with a small amount as someone who does so with bigger figures. For instance, a Low Roller could be an expert at their chosen game, but only have a small amount of money to begin with, an aversion to gambling with their whole bank balance or a safety-first approach to bankroll management.A widespread trait among Low Rollers is to return to the same preferred casino time after time. This is partly because, with a smaller bankroll than most High Rollers, they are unable to travel far to seek other venues. The fact that they tend to gamble more for fun than their high-rolling counterparts also plays a factor in this decision. Given their frequent visits and professional playing style, Low Rollers often become well-known to the management team. Due to their low-stakes approach to playing, they often pose minimal threat to the establishment’s profits and, as such, tend to be on good terms with such institutions.In movie depictions, such as Rounders and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Low Rollers are often depicted as players who, despite usually gambling with small amounts of money, are always on the lookout for an opportunity to go “big-time”. This is often not the case in reality, as many Low Rollers tend to stay at their level for one or more of the reasons mentioned above.