Live Dealer

What is a ‘Live Dealer’?

Live dealer is the name given to table games in online casinos which use a real-life dealer, which the player can see on live video and is able to interact with. These are usually offered for the most popular casino games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack, although other games are possible. There is even a version of Texas Hold’em Poker where players bet against the house, making use of a live dealer and effectively a live casino.

‘Live Dealers’ Explained

While live dealers make for an engaging experience with users, the cost is far higher than using a regular online casino setup, since far more staff are required in addition to cameras, lighting equipment and studio space. This explains the relatively low number of games offered in comparison to digital games, and is the reason why live dealer games are mostly confined to major online casinos.

Some casinos use live dealer games to extend their reach beyond the internet – many companies have TV channels offering live roulette and other games on television, which allow users to place their bets via their mobile phone.

Live dealer games usually make use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, allowing cards and roulette placements to be noted quickly and easily by the computer, which also relays the information back to the player (as well as the player being able to see the real life results through video link). This helps to speed up the process.

While many players who play table games prefer the more realistic nature of live dealer games, they are still less popular than their more traditional online counterparts. There is also a higher risk of disconnection for the player, since the video link is far more data intensive and requires faster connection speeds.