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Live Blind

What is 'Live Blind'?

A live blind is a forced bet in poker games like Hold'em or Omaha, and these are bets played ahead of the button, before a hand of poker begins. Because the player playing the blind still needs to check, call, or raise, the blind remains live.The poker term Live refers to the potential of any action or opportunity that is not yet played. For example, cards that have not yet been dealt or exposed are regarded as live, because they are still available to be dealt to a player in the game to complete their hand. This also refers to a game or player, and additionally, any hand that has not been folded, discarded, or mucked is considered live.Most blind games use live blinds, and blinds are live bets, indicating two things. The first is that a blind is a real bet, whereby to enter the pot a player in the blind position only needs to make up the difference between the blind and the current bet. The second is players in the blinds can raise when it is their turn, if no other player raised before them.

'Live Blind' Explained

A live blind is the amount posted by a player who takes their blind in turn, that is credited towards a call or raise. On the other hand, if a player is making up for blinds owed to the pot, only the big blind amount is counted as live. The small blind, along with any owed blinds are considered dead, because they cannot be credited towards a call or raise. These are referred to as dead blinds.New players to the table have the option to post right away, or wait for the big blind. If the new player chooses to wait, they will not be dealt any cards until their turn to post the big blind. Alternatively, if the new player chooses to post, they must bet the amount of the big blind to receive cards instantly.In this situation, both the post and the big blind are regarded as live blinds, meaning players on the big blind and players who post are allowed to raise their blind bets. If an active, or live player at the table chooses to sit out of the game, and miss at least one (or more) blinds, and then returns to the game, this player must either post both the big and small blinds, or wait for the big blind to come around to them, in order to be dealt any cards. In this situation, only the big blind is live, and the small blind goes into the pot.