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Live Backgammon

What is 'Live Backgammon’?

Live backgammon could refer to playing backgammon online against other people or participating in a backgammon tournament at a live venue. Playing backgammon online against other players is relatively easy, there are hundred of apps, software and web browsers that can automatically connect users with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other players. Backgammon tournaments at live venues can be just as accepting, providing a beginners division, as well as a professional one.

‘Live Backgammon’ Explained

The biggest backgammon tournament at a live venue is the Backgammon World Championships in Monte Carlo, but this is mostly restricted to professionals. Amateurs, even relative beginners, can play at the open tournaments, including the Monte Carlo Open, the Koln Open, and the Berlin Open. The Prague Open, for example, is limited to 32 players on a first come first served basis. Entry is free and the prize money is 500 euros.Players can try to register for more prestigious events, but the Backgammon Association state that no one can play above their own level. They have experts on hand to assess each player's ability.Some people see online live backgammon as a good preparation for the tournaments. Recommended sites include Gamesgrid, Netgammon, Vinco and Gamecolony. Some of these sites organise their own tournaments, but to participate, a player usually has to become a member.The transition from playing live backgammon online and playing backgammon in a live venue isn't always easy. Tournaments at live venues don't have an automatic pip counter and certain moves legal in an online game might be frowned upon in tournament play.Travelling to and staying at tournaments can be expensive and some players prefer playing for money online. If that's the case, players should always make sure they're playing against a live opponent and not the computer. Popular sites include Backgammon 4 Money, which claims to have the largest backgammon community in the world.