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Let It Ride

What is ‘Let It Ride’?

Let It Ride is a casino game based on five-card stud poker and usually played to a rule of '10s or better'.The name comes from the players' option to withdraw some of their initial wager either before or after the first community card is turned, alternatively players can play on and 'let the bet ride'.In wider use, 'let it ride' is the practice of leaving some or all of a winning bet on the table, sometimes seen in games of roulette.

‘Let It Ride’ Explained

Let It Ride is a simple five-card stud game with a high house edge and a slow playing style, so it is more about the fun of the game than big profits. It is not seen as often in casinos today, but it was very popular in the 1990s. Players bet on the outcome of their own hand plus two community cards. Before the second card is revealed to the table, players can choose between withdrawing one-third of their initial stake or letting the bet ride.A bet is said to be 'riding' if it occupies the same spot for more than one turn. This roulette phrase refers to the practice of keeping all or some of a winning bet in the same spot. For example, a player may wager a chip on a single number, and the number could come in, returning a win of 35 chips in most casinos.If the player requests to 'let it ride', they are leaving those winnings on the same number and risking another turn, which is a bold strategy that could potentially have an amazing payoff. A player may also let the original bet ride, i.e. leave a single chip in the same spot, and withdraw the rest of the winnings from the table.